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: 17th to 19th February : Suffolk College : Click here


Snow White - Siobhan Bedford
Prince Bernhardt - Becky Frost
The Wicked Queen - Sam Horsfield
Peter Pumpernickel - Neville Woolnough
Frauline Frankfurter - Keith Starling
Igor the Evil - Phil Cory
Hans the Huntsman - Nigel Frost
Gretel, a maid - Sharna Simmons
Heidi, another maid - Clare Bloomfield
Helga, yet another maid - Brenda Keeble
Otto, Castle Guard - Daniel Bennett
Blotto, Castle Guard - Daniel Johnson
Fairy Snowdrop - Heather Gardner
Voice of the Mirror - Kay Barton
Snow White's Mother - Sylvia Annis
The King - Andrew Ashley

The Seven Dwarfs

Boss - Kirsty Johnson
Merry - Emma Blowers
Grouchy - Harry Fisk
Sniffy - Hannah Bryan
Dozey - Natasha Melton
Shy - Shannon Bedford
Rooney - Simon Bryan


Andrew Ashley, Anne Brett, Judith Bryan
Bev Frost, Heather Gardner, Jean Kristensen
Sara Starling


Kelly Cole, Rhiannon Finch, Ruth Hayward
Katie Hynes, Joanne Meadows

Children's Chorus

Sarah Blowers, Sophie Bootyman, Ruth Di-Benga
Danielle Houston, Natalie Kermath, Hannah Starling
Katie Starling & Hannah Yule



Keyboard -Emma Haggar
Flute and Piccolo - Clare Shemming
Drums - Mark Alway
Bass Guitar - Kevin Butcher
Bass Guitar (Thurs) - Nick Edwards
Trumpet - Lucy Turney

Production Team

Directors - James Hayward & Lynne Mortimer
Producer - June Johnson
Musical Director - Emma Haggar
Choreography - Laura Starling & Ruth Hayward
Stage Manager - Judith Last
Asst. Stage Managers - Rob Brett & Ian Moore
Stage Crew - Bev Boyle, Lee Kristensen
Shaun Whymark
Lighting Design - Michael Siggers
Lighting - Paul Last
Sound - Mark Bedford & Karen Bedford
Flyers - Kevin Bryan, Paul Johnson, Nigel Smith
Follow Spots - Bob Oliver & Ruth Miller
Video - Vic Harman
Front of House Manager - Dennis Moore
Front of House- Jan Basting, Jackie Burton
Ian Gardner, Monica Last, Bill Last, Jane Maher,
Margaret Moore, Louise Peck, Debbie Rushbrooke,
Christine Smith, Malcom Smith
Chaperone - Katrina Simmons
Hand Props - Justine Butterfield, Bill Last
Monica Last
Wardrobe - Sylvia Annis, Anne Brett, Judith Bryan
Bev Frost, Linda Harman, Jean Kristensen
Brenda Keeble, Sara Starling
Set Design, Construction - Rob Brett, Judith Last
Ian Moore, Dennis Moore
Publicity Manager - Nigel Frost
Ticket Sales - Margaret Moore & Sylvia Annis
Cast Photography - Keith Roper & Keith Starling
Rehearsal Catering - Linda West & Kevin Bryan
Performance Catering - Linda West & Connie Denny
Programme Design - Judith Last & Bill Last