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: 23rd to 24th January : Murrayfield Junior School : Click here


Smeeton (Smike) - Bruce Denny
Nicholls (Nicholas Nickleby) - Robin Whitmore
Headmaster (Squeers) - Richard Bloomfield
Miss Grant (Fanny) - Lynda Goodchild
Tubby (Wackford Jnr.) - Mark Balaam
Brown (Bolder) - Clare Bloomfield
Coates (Cobbey) - Evelyn Kershaw
Marsh (Graymarsh) - Beverley Bray
Plank - Suzanne Amass
Charles Dickens - Doug Kershaw
Mrs Squeers - Maudie Rogers
Ralph Nickleby - Dennis Moore
Mr Snawley - Albert Rogers
Tilda - Judith Last

Children, Teachers & Pub Customers

Joan Bridgeman, Ivy Smith, Julie Amass
Margaret Moore, Janet Lever, Janet Mortimer
Marget Jennings, Marion Dalgleish, Alison Last
Bill Last



Piano - Sheila Plumbly
Guitar - Jerry Langfield

Production Team

Directors - Michael Corney & Beryl Bird
Musical Director - Sheila Plumbly
Lighting - Paul Last
Stage Crew - Andrew Moore & Ian Moore
Front of House - Mr F Perkins