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: 18th to 20th February 2010 : Chantry High School : Click here


Pinocchio - Hannah Bryan
Gepetto, The Toy Maker - James Hayward
Jimmy The Cricket - Mike Cook
The Blue Fairy - Danielle Houston
Mario, The Woodcutter - Katie Dowsing
Luigi - Stuart Harrington-Rutterford
Miss Marie Macaroni - Neville Woolnough
Sly The Fox - Sharna Simmons
Claudio The Cat - Josh Dowsing
Don Corleone - Kevin Bryan
Signor Salami - Paul Johnson
Mrs Salami - Linda Griggs
Evil Child-Catcher - Heather Gardner
Princess Pearl - Rochelle Mordecai
Figaro, The Cat - Amelia Copsey
Bianca - Megan Turtill
Girl - Beth Dowsing


Kay Barton, Emma Blowers, Anne Brett
Judith Bryan, Sarah Cantin, Scarlett Copsey
Beth Couszins, Laura Cribb, Amanda Di Benga
Beth Dowsing, Harry Fisk, Becky Frost
Abigail Harding, Emily Harding, Olivia Houston
Kerry Hynes, Kim Hynes, Bethany Keeble,
Sophie O’Brien, Abigail Spalding, Paige Tew


Keisha Ablitt, Shannon Bedford, Rebecca Langdon
Jenny Last, Georgina Mitchell & Rochelle Mordecai



Keyboard - Jo King
Bass - Kevin Butcher
Percussion - Pearl Gibson
Reeds - Clare Shemming
Trumpet - John Whelton

Production Team

Director - Ruth Hayward & Katie Heffer
Musical Director - Jo King
Choreography (Dancers) - Siobhan Bedford
Choreography (Chorus & Children) - Ruth Hayward &
Katie Heffer
Stage Manager - Judith Last
Asst. Stage Manager - Ian Moore
Stage Crew - Beverley Boyle, Liam Mark
Hand Props - Monica Last
Swipes - Vic Harman
Tech Consultant & Lighting Design - David Hermon
(LX Professional)
Sound - Nigel Smith
Front of House Manager - Bill Last
Front of House - Karen Bedford, Mark Bedford
Tracey Lewkowytsch, Nick Fisk, Margaret Moore,
Dennis Moore
Chaperones - Katrina Simmons, Wendy Peakman,
Emily Peakman, Lynne Langdon, Sue Turtill,
Sally Dowsing, Sandra Last, Val Leeming
Wardrobe - Linda Harman & Sylvia Annis
assisted by many members & friends
Set Design & Props - Ian Moore, Dennis Moore,
Mark Bedford, Judith Last
Scenery Painting - Judith Last & Bev Boyle
Ticket Sales - Margaret Moore & Sylvia Annis
Rehearsal Catering - Kevin Bryan & Linda West
Performance Catering - Beverley Frost & Linda West
Programme Design - Bill Last & Judith Last