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Fairy Fortune - Monic Last
Demon Discontent - Ralph Rachel
Mother Goose - Michael Corney
Jack - David Chilton
Jill - Kirsty Taylor
Polly Flinders - Clare Bloomfield
Prince Colin - Samantha Legg
Priscilla the Goose - Zoe Lee
Squire William - Doug Kershaw
Hickory - Dennis Moore
Dickory - Richard Bloomfield
Queen of Hearts - Pauline Taylor
Knave of Hearts - Jamie Lee
Monster - Janet Mortimer
Queen of Birdland - Vivienne Willis


Beverley Bray, Sandra Burgess, Annie Green
Julie Howes, Alison Last, Jamie Lee
Margaret Moore, Janet Mortimer
Wendy Reeve, Vivienne Willis



Piano - Sheila Plumbly
Bass Guitar - Jerry Langfield

Production Team

Director - Lynne Mortimer
Musical Director - Sheila Plumbly
Technical Director - Andy Lee
Lighting Director - Paul Last
Stage Manager - Ian Moore
Stage Crew - Kath Lee, David Gooding
Stan Mortimer, Lyn Morling
Curtains - Stan Mortimer & Lyn Morling
Make up - Sheila Cook & Cindy Garnham
Prompt - Janet Lever
Business Manager - Maurice Lever
Wardrobe - Monica Last, Janet Lever
Linda Harman, Monica Last, Sara Starling
Scenery & Special Effects - Paul Last, Andy Lee
Ian Moore
Set Design, Construction - Dennis Moore
Ian Moore
Graphic Design & Production - Bill Last
Cast Photography - David Gooding