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Fairy Godmother - Cathy Crome
Cinderella - Samantha Legg
Baron Stoneybroke - Paul Hayward
Dandini - Beverley Bray
King Charming - Dennis Moore
Queen Melodia - Vivienne Willis
Prince Charming - Sandra Last
Buttons - Neville Woolnough
Baroness Stoneybroke - Lynda Goodchild
Amnesia - Roger Pallant
Magnesia - Pauline Taylor
Galdys the horse - Kath Lee, Julie Howes
Major Domo - Jamie Lee
Ghost - John Barnes
Page boy - Ruth Hayward

Chorus and Dancers

ustine Annis, Sylvia Annis, Janet Barnes
John Barnes, Annie Green, Julie Howes
Sheila Howes, Sharon Kindred, Valerie Kindred
Janice Leat, Kath Lee, Zoe Lee
Barbara Mison, Margaret Moore
Janet Mortimer, Vikki Randle
Wendy Reeve, Rachel Warren

Village Children

Clare Coleman, Sarah Fayers, Mark Hayward
Ruth Hayward, Clare Last, Angela Newman
Francesca Randle, Sarah Rose, Rachel Warren



Piano - Sheila Plumbly

Production Team

Director - Lynne Mortimer
Musical Director - Sheila Plumbly
Technical Director - Andy Lee
Choreography - James Hayward
Lighting Director - Paul Last
Stage Manager - Ian Moore
Stage Crew - Alison Last, Judith Love, Stan Mortimer
Prompt - Janet Lever
Front Of House Manager - Bill Last
Wardrobe - Monica Last & Janet Lever
Props & Special Effects - Andy Lee, Monica Last
Paul Last, Ian Moore
Set Design - Alison Last & Judith Love
Performance Catering - Connie Denny
Rehearsal Catering - Debbie Randle