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: 21st to 24th February : Orwell Junior School


Robin Hood - Alex Maher
Friar Tuck - Lee Gardner
Alan-a-Dale - Nicci Clough
Will Scarlett - Keith Starling
Much the Miller's Son - Andrew Gardner
Prince John - Nigel Frost
Guard - Matthew Howlett
Maid Marian - Ruth Hayward
Nurse Nora - Neville Woolnough
Sheriff of Nottingham - Reg Balmforth
Harry - Mark Hayward
Kate - Rachal Brett
Lady Sharon of Suffolk - Pauline Harman
Lady Tracy of Essex - Justine Annis
Mystic Mog - Louise Peck
Grant - Paul Johnson
Phil - Darren Bailey
Molly - Katie Cowling
Spirit of Sherwood - Kay Barton


Jeanette Andrews, Sylvia Annis, Kay Barton
Adam Brett, Ann Brett, Maggie Buck
Linda Cowling, Becky Frost, Heather Gardner
Sheila Howes, Matthew Howlett, Jean Kristensen
Monica Last, Theresa Leathers, Pippa Maher
Barbara Mison, Margaret Moore
Caroline Rushbrooke
Jo Smith, Amie Starling, Sara Starling


Justine Annis, Pauline Harman, Julie Howes
Karen Long, Louise Peck, Laure Starling

Children's Chorus

Lucie Brebner, Gemma Cowling, Katie Cowling
Daniel Johnson, Anya Kristensen, Toni Mott
Louise Rea, Nadine Rushbrooke



Piano - Sheila Plumbly
Guitar - Alison Last

Production Team

Directors - James Hayward & Lynne Mortimer
Producer - James Hayward & Lynne Mortimer
Musical Director - Sheila Plumbly
Choreography (Dancers) - Debbie Osborne
Choreography (Chorus) - Justine Annis
Lighting Design, Operation - Paul Last & Ian Moore
Sound - Andrew Moore
Stage Manager - Bill Last
Asst. Stage Manager - Rob Brett
Stage Crew - Lee Kristensen, Paul Last, Judith Love
Dennis Moore
Video Operator - Andy Lee
Prompt - Janet Mortimer
Front Of House - Simon Boyle, Beverley Frost
Ivan Kindred, Val Kindred, Lee Kristensen
Stan Mortimer, Pauline Taylor, Maureen Warwick
Hand Props - Beverley Boyle
Wardrobe - Slyvia Annis, Monica Last, Linda Harman
Set Design & Construction - Beverly Boyle
Judith Love
Props - Paul Blacksell, Rob Brett, Lee Kristensen
Bill Last, Paul Last, Andrew Moore
Dennis Moore, Ian Moore
Publicity - Sylvia Annis, Bill Last, Margaret Moore
Ian Moore
Rehearsal Catering - Janet Mortimer
Performance Catering - Connie Denny