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Ababazar - Michael Corney
Wishee Washee - David Chilton
Widow Twankey - Roger Pallant
Aladdin - Lynda Goodchild
Sergeant Ping - Maudie Rogers
Constable Pong - Richard Bloomfield
So-Shi - Pauline Taylor
Princess Badroulbadour - Marion Dalgleish
Slave of the Ring (1) - Janet Mortimer
Slave of the Ring (2) - Monica Last
Slave of the Ring (3) - Clare Bloomfield
Genie of the Lamp - Dennis Moore
Grand Vizir - Roy Allard
Emperor of China - Doug Kershaw
Newsboy - Jamie Lee


Clare Bloomfield, Beverley Bray, Joan Bridgeman
Andrew Corney, Julie Hart, Julie Howes
Garry Howes, Sheila Howes, Penny Jenkins
Alison Last, Monica Last, Jamie Lee
Kath Lee, Zoe Lee, Samantha Legg
Janet Lever, Margaret Moore, Janet Mortimer
Karen Smith, Vivienne Willis, Julie Wright



Keyboard - Sheila Plumbly
Guitar - Jerry Langfield

Production Team

Director - Lynne Mortimer
Producer - Bill Last
Musical Director - Sheila Plumbly
Technical Director - Andy Lee
Lighting Design - Paul Last
Stage Manager - Ian Moore
Asst. Stage Manager - Malcolm Dalgleish
Stage Crew - Derek Bloomfield, Maurice Lever
Prompt - Jenny Corney
Hand Props - Maureen Allard, Roy Allard
Wardrobe - Janet Lever, Monica Last
Curtains - Stan Mortimer
Scenery - Judith Last, Marc Love, Alison Last
Wendy Mitchell
Business Manager - Maurice Lever
Ticket Sales - Sylvia Annis, Margaret Moore
Cast Photography - David Gooding
Stage Construction - Dennis Powell, Brian Burrell
Leslie Crawford, Malcolm Dalgleish, Bill Spalding